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Digital car circuit scanner tool

Wow Gadget shop digital car circuit scanner diagnostic tool

Digital car circuit scanner tool

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Digital car circuit scanner tool

🚗🔧✔️This instrument is designed to identify and trace wires or cables without damaging the insulation.

🚗🔧✔️You can also use it in checking for short circuit and locating open circuit and so on.

There are Sender and Receiver functions included in the instrument.

🚗✔️Tracing of wires is made possible even inside bundles, conduits, behind  panels, under carpets, upholstery, etc
🚗✔️Easy to use: Simply connect the transmitter in series with the circuit or wire  under test, (i.e.: in place of a blown fuse, across a connector, in series with  an open wire, a light bulb socket, etc.), and scanning the circuit/wire with the  tracers flexible probe to find the trouble spot
🚗✔️42 V Ready: for use in the new generation of vehicles with mixed or single 42  Volt systems
🚗✔️Operates on DC voltages from 6 to 42 volts
🚗✔️Internally protected against power surges and overloads
🚗✔️7″ flexible probe allows reaching wires in congested places
🚗✔️Transmitter and Receiver LEDs show open or short circuit conditions
🚗✔️Adjustable sensitivity for all tracing situations
🚗✔️No wire piercing required, non-contact technology!

Package Inclusion

  • 1 × Automotive Short and Open Finder (Within a carry bag)
  • 1 × Instruction Manual

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