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Wooden Shoe Stretcher

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Wooden Shoe Stretcher

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👞Wooden Shoe Stretcher👞


👞✔️ Main Features GETAWAY FROM TIGHT SHOES You may have the problem that the new shoes are a little tight, and uncomfortable after putting them on, the shoe stretchers can help you out of these situations.

👞✔️ HIGH-QUALITY WOOD MATERIAL The shoe stretcher is natural wood materials, simple and practical, durable and no deformation, long time use and the surface remain bright.

👞✔️ ADJUSTABLE WIDTH & LENGTH The shoe stretcher can be adjusted according to the shoes, each pair includes relief pods/spot inserts to stretch targeted area.

👞✔️ EASY TO USE Just turn the knob clockwise to begin stretching the shoes, and leave the stretchers in shoes for about 24-48 hours, and the shoes are ready for you.

👞✔️ Usage Scenarios The shoe stretcher fits both left and right shoes, applicable for high heels, sports shoes, sandals, and other shoes. Using Methods Insert the stretchers into the shoes, left and right are generic;

👞✔️ Length adjustment: Turn the “wheel-shaped” handle in clockwise to adjust the length of the stretchers;

👞✔️ Width adjustment: Turn the “L-shaped” metal handle in clockwise to adjust the width of the stretchers;

👞✔️ Leave the stretcher in shoes for at least 24 hours; Turn the handles in counterclockwise and remove stretcher from the shoes.


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