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Digital Piggy Bank – Safe Deposit B

Wow Gadget Shop Electronic C Digital Piggy Bank – Safe Deposit B

Digital Piggy Bank – Safe Deposit B

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Digital Piggy Bank – Safe Deposit B


✔️ DESCRIPTION Enjoy Savings with your Electronic Piggy Bank  Lots of Room – The money box is portable (5.2 x 5.4 x 19.2″), but with a roomy interior. You can even store some other treasures in the inside to keep them safe.

✔️ Features: 2 in 1 function: money saving box and password safe box. A unique bank that will not only help your kids save money, but also provide lots of fun! Two sound switchable: beeps sound and voice prompt. Automatic Rolling Banknote: Put your paper money into the roll slot, and it will automatically roll the money into the box.

✔️ There is also a coin slot the top of the box that provided to save all kinds of coins.

✔️ Specification: Type: Password Money Saving Box Material: ABS Quantity: 1pc Color: Black Battery: 3*AA battery (not included) Roll Slot Width: 8.6cm/ 3.4″ Coin Slot Width: 3.8cm / 1.5″ Capacity: Approx. 1.2L Inside Size: 8.5*12*11.5cm / 3.3*4.7*4.5″ (L*W*H) Size: 13.2*13.8*19.2cm / 5.2*5.4*7.5″ (L*W*H) Net Weight: 0.56kg / 20oz Package: 1*Money saving box 1*Screw driver 1*English and Chinese user manual 1*Package box

✔️ Electronic Piggy Bank ATM Password Cash Coins Money Saving Safe Box

✔️ Automatic Deposit Banknote Toys Gift


✔️Material: Natural Resin
✔️ Size: 185 X 129 X 120mm/7.28 X 5.08 X 4.72"
✔️ Color: Black Red, White Blue
✔️ Battery: 3 X AA Batteries (Not Included)

Follow the steps below to use a safe:
✔️ Warm Tip: You need to enter a four-digit code firstly to open the safe. Safe default password is: 0000.
✔️ 1. Enter 4 digits password, a green light will shine. If you enter a wrong password, the red light shines and you may hear some voice "PLEASE TRY AGAIN"
✔️ 2. Then rotate the knob clockwise to open the door. Green light shines for 10 seconds, you will hear the door squeak.
✔️ 3. If the door is kept on opening for longer than 10 seconds, green light stops shining and makes the beeps sounds every 20 seconds. Close the door to stop the beeping.
✔️ 4. Put Banknote into the mouth directly. Enter the password then you can withdraw money.
✔️ 5. When you finished, please confirm the door is closed.

To change the password, follow these steps:    
✔️ Enter the current password (default is 0000) and open the door.    
Hold the '*' button down, both green light and red light flash.    
Within 15 seconds, enter the new 4-digits password, press '#' button to store your new password, both lights stop flashing.

✔️ If the new password did not enter within 15 seconds, the application will stop adn you should restart it to go on.
Release the "*" button and close the door, you will hear beeps or sounds.
✔️ Enter your current password and open the door (default 0000)
Push the switch on the door back left or the right to set the beeps or sounds.
✔️ Close the door of the safe.

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  • 2-5 week days for Other Countries

Products are packed in a safe padded envelope. If needed box packaging is done to avoid any kind of damage.

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