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Camera Stabilizer

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Camera Stabilizer

📸✔️   The Professional Steady Video Stabilizer is designed for use with camcorders, DSLRs, HD DSLRs, etc.

📸✔️ It provides excellent stability and reduces camera vibration during video recording, assuring high-quality, clear videos. Its aluminum alloy construction provides and solid and durable build-quality for long-lasting reliability.

📸✔️ It also features a rubberized, non-slip mounting surface so your camera attaches securely; and a rubber-covered hand grip for comfortable shooting.

📸✔️ It is the most affordable full-featured stabilizer on the market.

📸✔️ Specification: Load Capacity: 2.1 lbs (0.95kg) Construction: Aluminum body, rubber padded handle, polished chrome counterweight dimensions: 34*20.5*5.7cm Weight: 830g

Product Features:
Handle stabilization system
  ✔️  1, 3 shoe racks - can be connected to your led video light and microphone                    (included).
  ✔️  2,UNIVERSAL --- Suitable for most compact digital SLR camera camcorders with           standard 1 / 4-20 threads
   ✔️ 3, buffered nitrile rubber pad reduces the pressure of long time shooting
  ✔️  4, non-slip rubber rails. Quality of video, action video, wedding video creator or            phone film creator

       Size: 190 * 78 * 200mm
       Material: ABS plastic + sponge
       Color: black + red

Microphone-05 microphone
1) Super cardioid pointing microphone, 3.5mm connector, hot shoe port at the bottom, 1/4" screw hole for effective support equipment
(2) The indicator light works for a long time
(3) The line buckle is on the front, which can effectively prevent the line from being too long and causing unnecessary interference to the work. The wire length of the spring cable is 700mm.
(4) When the switch is at 0dB, it is a normal pickup state, and at +20dB, it is a sensitivity-enhanced pickup (for long-distance pickup)
(5) Long battery life, AAA battery, low battery alarm
(6) It can be directly mounted or fixed on other brackets by standard hot shoe fixing and 1/4 screw hole fixing.
(7) Wear windproof rabbit fur to reduce wind noise and outdoor noise, ensuring clear records

(1) Monomer: Electrostatic condenser head
(2) Channel: Mono
(3) Frequency response: 50HZ-16KHZ
(4) Sensitivity improvement: + 20dB
(5) Equivalent noise level: 24dB A
(6) Directionality: Super Heart Pointing
(7) Output resistance: 200±3dB
(8) Battery: AAA 1.5V alkaline battery
(9) Battery life: The new battery can be used for about 80 hours.
Note: battery is not include.

FT96 video light

  • Light source: 96 LED beads
  • Luminous angle: 120°
  • Color temperature: 3200K / 5500K
  • Color rendering index: > 93
  • Output power: 11w
  • Lumens: 860lm
  • Average service life: 50000H
  • Size: 70mmx30mmx100mm

✔️ 1. Easily install 2 filters with a magnet design (one for the soft filter and one for             the  orange filter).
✔️ 2. Includes a separate power switch and maintains the same brightness when the           power is turned back on.
✔️ 3. Standard hot shoe with 1/4" internal thread - you can mount the lamp on any          tripod or lamp holder.
✔️ 4. Can be used for wedding recording
✔️ 5. Powered by BP-4L battery  or 4 AA batteries (not included)
✔️ 6. It can also be mounted on the lamp holder with 1/4" screws.
        Note: battery is not include.

Package Included:
1 * Stabilizer
1 * Mic-05 microphone optional
1 * FT96 camera video light optional
1 * Tripod head hot shoe
1 *Phone clip


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