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Rolling Work Knee Pads

Wow Gadget Shop Rolling Work Knee Pads

Rolling Work Knee Pads

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Rolling Work Knee Pads

✔️Get your floor works done without the strenuous act of crawling! Convenient  Designed for maximum comfort when kneeling!

✔️The silicone pads provide balance & flexibility to minimize pain when on your knees.

Wow Gadget Shop Rolling Work Knee Pads

✔️Provides Mobility  Save yourself from pain & numbness during floor works! Its 360° rotatable wheels allow you to cover grounds faster without pain.

✔️Boosts Productivity â Also prevents the back pain that s eating energy!

✔️The roller design spares you from the strenuous act of crawling from place to place.

✔️Easy to Use  Replace your pads that are tangled with multiple straps! It has only one strap, allowing you to wear & remove it easily. Wide Application  Ideal for all kinds of work that require kneeling like floor installation, construction, house painting, garden planting, etc.

Wow Gadget Shop Rolling Work Knee Pads

✔️Made of plastic material with soft lining, durable and comfortable to wear.
✔️Designed to lose weight evenly and reduce pressure on the knee while fitting the shape of the knee.
✔️The adjustable strap is comfortably fixed, and the tension at the back of the knee is small, so it can be worn easily.
✔️For installation of tile, wood floor, carpet, painting low places, etc.
✔️It's a good tool for workers. It's more convenient to move and protects knees.

✔️Material  :  Main nylon material + mat EVA material + wheel PVC material

✔️Color  :  red, black, yellow
✔️Size   :  30 * 22 * 10.5cm

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  • 2-5 week days for Other Countries

Products are packed in a safe padded envelope. If needed box packaging is done to avoid any kind of damage.

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