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Shocking Fun Ball

Wow Gadget Shop Blue / CHINA Shocking Fun Ball

Shocking Fun Ball

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Shocking Fun Ball


⚾✔️ Literally amp up your party games with a jolt of excitement, and start passing the Shocking Fun Ball. When turned on, this futuristic-looking orb emits mild electric shocks every 10 to 30 seconds.

⚾✔️  Pass the ball back and forth like a hot potato.

⚾✔️ The unlucky one who receives the random shock must keep their wits about them, as dropping the ball eliminates them from the game. Keep playing until only one person remains!

⚾✔️ PRODUCT FEATURES A spark of fun – This unique toy quickly turns your gathering into a frantic, laughter-filled game.

⚾✔️Pass the shock ball from player to player; catch the ball and risk a shock, or drop it and lose the game.

⚾✔️ Futuristic electrifying game – To activate your little orb of mischief, insert the included activation key into the small hole in the casing and press the power button

⚾✔️ .The ball will begin producing electric shocks at random intervals every 10-30 seconds.

⚾✔️ The shock is felt through the metal conductive points scattered across the surface of the orb.

⚾✔️When you see the ball glow red, it means the ball is electrified… and you better hope it doesn’t get passed to you!

⚾✔️Exciting but safe – Grabbing a ball of electricity sounds like a reckless dare, but Shock Ball delivers the perfect amount of dangerous. The shocks, while unpleasant, aren’t painful or permanently damaging.

⚾✔️New games invention – Shock Ball can be used for more than just hot potato.

⚾✔️ Since Shock Ball can be used with a large number of people, it’s great for any size party that needs a zap of excitement. More balls, more fun


⚾✔️Color: Gold, Blue (optional)

⚾✔️Material: ABS

⚾✔️Battery information: 2*1.5V AAA battery (not included)

⚾✔️Automatic switch: automatic switch function

⚾✔️Packing size: 10*10*16CM

 Package Included:

            ⚾✔️1 * Shocking Fun Ball

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