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UV Phone Sanitizer

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UV Phone Sanitizer 


📱✔️ Nowadays neither kids or adults ever let go of their cell phones. We use this gadget anywhere and everywhere: in a park, in transit, in hospitals, in the bathroom or in a cafe. While we tend to wash our hands regularly, the same is not true for washing our phones.

📱✔️ You can’t wash it, and it’s not quite obvious how to clean it. That’s how the entire germ army migrates to your phone screen from your dirty hands and then, once you bring the phone close to your ear, they get transferred to your face. The warm and slightly humid surface of the gadget is favorable for increasing the germ population.

 📱✔️ Why is this is so perilous even though myriads of bacteria are everywhere? The thing is that our body becomes vulnerable to viruses once they get inside our body through our nose, mouth or eyes. Phones should be cleaned so they don’t become a source of pathogenic bacteria.

📱✔️ Charge and clean any smartphone with the power of UV Phone Sanitizer It keeps your device charged and ready while killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

📱✔️ Kill Bacteria and Germs – This UV sanitizer eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and germs on your phone in just six minutes automatically.
📱✔️Sanitize While Charging – It enables you to sanitize your phone while charging via the built-in USB port. It’s compatible with smartphones within 6 inches.
📱✔️Aromatherapy Diffuser –Work as an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser to freshen your phone while sanitizing.
📱✔️ Compact and Ergonomic Design – Its portable design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.
📱✔️ Phone Holder – You can also use it as a holder to enjoy movies or chatting conveniently for a long time.
    📱✔️ Multiple Applications – Sanitize other small objects, such as underwear, watches, jewelry, toothbrushes, and earphones.

      product description

      📱✔️ The smartphone disinfectant does not use any liquid, heat or chemicals, so it can safely disinfect any substance suitable for the internal environment!
      📱✔️ While killing 99.99% of bacteria and bacteria, ultraviolet rays can also contact microorganisms hidden in the gap, even if cleaning wipes can not reach these microorganisms.
      📱✔️ It is not only a wireless charger for mobile phones, but also an aromatherapy disinfection box for mobile phones and other small objects that are not harmful to the human body
      📱✔️ The mobile phone disinfectant not only protects the bacteria in the body from pollution, but the ultraviolet disinfector acts like an aroma diffuser. Just drop a few of your favorite fragrances into it, and the phone will be fresh when disinfected. Your device smells very good.
      📱✔️ The lightweight sterilization box has a simple and stylish design and can be widely used in smartphones, fitness trackers, smart watches, headphones, makeup brushes, jewelry, credit cards or other personal items. Very suitable for your daily use at home, office or going out.
        Products include
        • 1 X sterilization box

                   1 X USB cable

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